Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sentimental Objects

Are you sentimental? Do you save objects from your past as mementos of special times?

I am and I do. In fact, I'm extremely sentimental about my life's experiences because they are the most important things I'll ever have. Let me report from your future that you will become MORE sentimental as you age. I look at objects from my youth and struggle to hold back tears.

I was cleaning out the basement yesterday. I opened boxes that haven't seen light and fresh air in 30-50 years. Wow. What memories they stir. For example, I saved the ceramic knob that was the top to the stick-shift of my first car, which I cradled in my hand when learning how to drive. It's all that's left of my beloved 1964 VW bug. Shortly after I gave the car to my little brother, he totalled it. (He was okay but the car was irreparably wrecked.)

My first job was part-time work as a stock-boy at a women's clothing store named Loehmann's. They sold "Designer Clothing For Less." The store was close to my high school and I walked over after the school-day ended. I chose to keep a few plastic rings that went on clothing racks to indicate dress sizes.

During college, I returned home for Summers and worked delivering auto parts to gas stations. I kept a few matchboxes advertising my employer (Roadside Auto Parts). We had the "2% rule" -- if a customer paid cash, we'd instantly drop the price two percent and nobody paid taxes on the sale.

I could go on. Seeing tangible objects that connect me to my past, now so long ago, touches my heart.

Do you keep objects for sentimental value?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How To Bee Happy

In the nadir of Winter, it's easy to be blue. It's cold out, days are short, and there's lots of illness going around. I was suffering these seasonal afflictions until... my friends rescued me. My close friends Hollie and Megan just pulled me out of a blue funk.

I met both gals through blogging which isn't a surprise since they live so far away. Hollie resides in Texas and Megan lives in Tennessee, places that are over 1,000 miles away from New York.

By coincidence, both just sent me gifts -- and both gifts are socks! How funny is that?!

There's nothing sweeter than an unexpected gift. No holiday or birthday occasion, just a thoughtful gesture from big-hearted women.

I recommend everybody make the effort to lift up their friends. A simple pair of cute socks can make the difference between glum and glee. These certainly gladdened me!

The white heart socks are from Hollie; the bee socks are from Megan.

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Donut Dress

Fashion Week sometimes has interesting designs. Consider these from designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and tell me if you'd wear any of them...

Saturday, February 18, 2017


The term "friends" is used loosely these days. When I was young, friends were people you knew and interacted with in person. There was no Internet enabling you to claim friendship with people you'd never met.

Today is different. Social media lets people believe they have hundreds, even thousands of friends. Relationships with online acquaintances, however, are categorically different.

I'm curious about your experience with this subject. If you don't mind discussing it, how many friends do you have in real life versus online? Do you consider people you've never met in person to be friends? How much do you trust online friends?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Romper Room

The phrase "adult romper" sounds like an oxymoron. But, truth be told, I've been dying to try a romper for years. I wondered how I could make one look adult-ish. It occurred to me to do what New Yorkers always do -- wear black. So I took my first romper and used it in an all-black ensemble.

What do you think? Would you wear this?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Office Gal

I seek experience. I want to learn how it feels to dress different ways -- modestly, in a sexy manner and everything in between. In pursuit of experience, I sometimes go too far -- like wear a sassy dress so short I can't sit down in it. My goal is to explore and learn.

With that in mind, here's another outfit at a different place on the spectrum. Modest but hopefully interesting. Something I might wear to the office. A cute pencil-skirt over a black knit top, with beige hose, kitten heels and silver jewelry. Oh, and a more conservative hair-style.

What do you think?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Party Girl

When you think party clothes, you think sparkle. I found a glittery dress and decided to amp it up with sparkly tights and heels.

Be honest... tell me... is this dress too short?  :-)

Seriously, I believe we can all wear whatever we want. Sure, this dress is short but I won't have these legs forever. Let me take 'em out for a spin while I still can!